End of Line Packaging Adhesives

Minimizing risks along the packaging line

After choosing a safe adhesive, food manufactures should consider and minimize further risks along the packaging line, including an uncontrolled exposure of foodstuff to dust, machine cleaners, spilled adhesive, but also a sub-optimal set-up of the adhesive system such as incorrect adhesive application quantity, wrong adhesive temperature, or a sub-optimal adhesive placement on the package.

All of these factors may negatively impact the safety of the final food products, which may expose consumers to health risks. It is therefore crucial that these factors are continuously addressed and minimized.

Henkel On-site Services

Our Technical Customer Service experts guide our customers to minimize risks for food safety that may occur along the packaging line. Their extensive experience in the food packaging industry, along with a close exchange with OEMs, OMMs and industry associations, offers a single point of contact for theoretical and practical aspects of food safety.

We offer:

  • Best practice guidance & troubleshooting at the machine
  • Expert technical trainings
  • Technical audits
  • Guided trials with new substrates

The Henkel Technical Customer Service support will not only contribute to higher safety around your packaging line, but will also reduce machine downtime and extend longevity of machine spare parts. 

Henkel Equipment Solutions Supporting Food Safety

Henkel offers equipment solutions that support keeping your food production environment contamination-free: closed melt-on-demand hotmelt systems.

Your benefits:

  • No adhesive spillage – the systems are completely closed, which significantly reduces the risk of spilled adhesive being placed back in the bag or in the tank
  • Fewer clogged nozzles and damaged modules from char & contaminants in tank and open glue boxes – lowers the risk of contamination with adhesive 
  • Minimized tank and adhesive temperature variations – for improved bonding quality

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