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High importance of equipment solutions and operators’ expertise

Choosing the right adhesives and coatings is crucial for converters to produce food safe laminates and to achieve the desired packaging performance such as filling good resistance, retort, convenience, barrier properties, sealability or mechanical protection of foodstuff. Converters should eliminate potential risks for food safety along the manufacturing process, including mixing ratio and continuous dosing of adhesive systems, measurement and testing of laminates as e.g. migration, incorrect adhesive application or solvent retention. Occupational safety as e.g. safe handling of chemicals, and wrong temperature settings is a closely related, important aspect.

Such errors can have multiple causes and can impact the safety of the final food products, which may expose consumers to health risks. It is therefore crucial that these factors are continuously addressed and minimized.


Henkel On-site Services

Our experts from the Technical Customer Service guide our customers to minimize risks for food safety that may occur along the converting line. Their broad experience in the food packaging industry along with a close exchange with OEMs, OMMs and industry associations, offers a single point of contact for theoretical and practical aspects of food safety.

At Henkel, our objective is to provide support where our customers benefit most – on-site at the converting line or in our pilot plant where new materials and adhesive systems can be tested on an industrial-scale lamination machine. We provide the packaging industry with a unique and comprehensive product and service expertise offering:

  • Individual customer training programs
  • Training on test methods, such as PAA migration measurements
  • Converters’ Academy
  • On-site audits and consulting
  • Technical support and consultancy for upgrading and purchasing of equipment
  • Guided trials with new substrates
  • In-house technical service center for individual tests without interrupting the customer's production processes

Henkel offers specific equipment solutions that improve reliability and efficiency of your converting operations and contribute to food safe packaging eventually: LIOSCAN and dosing units.

  • LIOSCAN: The inline coating weight measurement system immediately indicates any deviation from the specified coating weight and thus minimizes the risks of potential claims and reduces waste production
  • Dosing units: Exact pumping of multi-component adhesive systems allows for compliance with specified mixing ratio and minimizes such risks as delamination or bad optical appearance

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Improve your processes and reduce waste with LIOSCAN. Watch the video on our new coating weight measurement system (01:22 min).

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