Flexible Packaging Adhesives & Coatings

Designed to enhance occupational safety and operational efficiency

For flexible food packaging applications, Henkel’s LOCTITE LIOFOL adhesives & coatings portfolio sets a benchmark in food safety while also helping achieve high occupational safety and operational efficiency from general purpose packages to highest performance applications such as retortable or ovenable packaging. Benefit from a modern product design free of undesired substances such as epoxysilanes, ortho-phthalic acid or tin catalyst, fully assessed raw materials as well as a clear and complete documentation supported by internal and external studies and toxicological risk assessments.

Product Portfolio - Flexible Packaging Adhesives & Coatings

Henkel offers a new generation of LOCTITE LIOFOL adhesives & coatings that fulfil and exceed legal requirements and that support you in creating high-quality flexible packaging solutions:

  • Ultra-low monomeric isocyanate content adhesives (<0.1%), exempted from further regulation under the ECHA “Proposal for a restriction on diisocyanates”
  • Adhesives, which are immediately free of primary aromatic amines (PAA) on many substrates
  • Cyclic ester free laminating adhesives with no detectable migration of NIAS when fully cured
    (antioxidants exempted)
  • Laminating adhesives free of PAA within 24 hours for faster processing of your laminates
  • Synthetic cold seals free of natural latex allergens
  • Room temperature curing aliphatic laminating adhesives free of tin catalyst for high-performance applications

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