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The training course “Specialist in Laminating Techniques for Flexible Packaging (CCI)” was developed in close cooperation with the IHK Düsseldorf (Chamber of Commerce and Industry). It is designed for those directly involved in the creation of flexible packaging materials, among others operators, quality control personnel, project and process engineers as well as manufacturing supervisors. Your company will sustainably benefit from the Henkel Converters' Academy due to a highly qualified professional training which will enhance the technical capabilities of your staff.

Henkel Converters’ Academy’s program of study

Our training course "Lamination Techniques" combines essential theoretical knowledge about the adhesive lamination process with hands-on practical training. After two one-week training sessions separated by a break of about six weeks, you will be a CCI-certified "Specialist in Lamination Techniques for Flexible Packaging (CCI)" – and know exactly how to utilize the many possibilities of modern lamination technology in your production. Henkel Converters' Academy trainings are based on the principle of "learning by doing". No other learning method is as effective; only first-hand experience during the learning process allows you to internalize theoretical knowledge so you can fully utilize it afterwards. Have a look at which program is offered in the two weeks of training:

Training program in week 1:

  • Why laminations are made (Flexible packaging versus other types of packages; different substrates offer different features)
  • Substrates (Manufacturing, properties, how to identify)
  • Adhesives (Solvent-based and solvent-free technologies; handling: mixing, data sheet review etc.)
  • Dosing units (Basics and cautions)
  • Curing (Conditions and challenges)
  • Test methods (Bond strength, seal strength, COF etc.)
  • Failure mode analysis
  • Troubleshooting
  • Practical testing of laminates made from days 2 and 3
  • Presentation of group works
  • Summary & review

Training program in week 2:

  • Machine parameters and how they influence the lamination
  • Web handling (Interaction between films and rollers, web tension, winding)
  • Rollers (Different roller types)
  • Rolling, curling and other web defects (Solutions and preventions)
  • Optics (Wetting, orange peel, wrinkling)
  • Practical training, group work (Presentation of groups, IHK Certificate Test)

Are you involved in the lamination process for flexible packaging in any capacity? Then you will benefit from the knowledge and experience you gain at Henkel Converters' Academy. Our trainings are designed to be an asset to participants of all levels of experience and areas of operation. Even experienced laminators can learn more about the factors governing the creation of a quality lamination, or how to troubleshoot most effectively.

Our participants include:

  • Operators
  • Quality control personnel
  • Project engineers
  • Process engineers
  • Manufacturing supervisors

Through their emphasis on putting theory into practice and testing various substrates, adhesives and techniques, Henkel Converters' Academy trainings also provide an ideal platform for trial and error experimenting – without endangering your customer relationships or incurring excessive costs.

Conditions and costs

The tuition fee for a two-week Henkel Converters´ Academy Training course is 4,500 € (plus VAT), payable in full before the first session.

Included in the tuition are:

  • Over 80 hours of classroom instruction and hands-on laminator training
  • Comprehensive reference manual
  • CCI exam monitored by the CCI (held on Friday of the second week)
  • CCI Certificate "Specialist in Lamination Techniques for Flexible Packaging (CCI)" (awarded after passing the CCI exam)
  • Lunches, dinners, evening programs

Participants are asked to bring:

  • Safety shoes
  • Safety goggles
  • Casual wear suited for working with the laminator

Outsource your training to the experts
Henkel Converters' Academy provides companies with an economical opportunity to outsource their training. You gain the full benefit of our expertise and experience in the field of adhesives, lamination and flexible packaging – at a fraction of the cost of in-house training measures.

Payment conditions
The attendance fee is to be paid on invoice receipt prior to commencement of the event. Henkel reserves the right to exclude participants if their fee has not been paid in advance. Cancellation (in written form only) up to 14 days before the event will not result in any kind of charge. Within seven days, half the fee will be charged. There will be no fee refund for a no-show or cancellation on the date of the event. Henkel will be glad to accept replacement participants without additional charge.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Henkel Converters' Academy

We cooperate with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) for our training course "Lamination Techniques". This ensures that you receive the highest-quality instruction – and gives you the opportunity to become a CCI-certified "Specialist in Lamination Techniques for Flexible Packaging (CCI)".

Henkel Converters' Academy is proud to be the partner of the renowned Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a highly respected institution that supports and advises the manufacturing industry as well as trade and the services industry.

On the last day of our two-week training course, you will take a CCI-monitored exam. After passing it, you will be a CCI-certified "Specialist in Lamination Techniques for Flexible Packaging (CCI)". The certification attests your high level of expertise and enhances your standing with your customers; as such, it is a valuable additional qualification.

Here you can see feedback from participants of our Henkel Converters' Academy.

Karl Heinz Schaller - Leeb Flexibles Memmingen, Shift Lead for Production

Karl Heinz Schaller - Leeb Flexibles Memmingen, Shift Lead for Production
"I have learnt a lot. As expected, I had the basic knowledge and practical know-how already. However, the theoretical background was missing and now, after the training, I have a better overall understanding of the processes."

Michael Becker - Allflex Aachen, Laminator

Michael Becker - Allflex Aachen, Laminator
"I left the seminar with quite a positive feeling. The detailed information we obtained during the training was clearly noticeable and will definitely contribute towards process optimization of our units."

Bernd Wolhorn - Arwed Löseke Paper finishing and Printing GmbH, Hildesheim Production Lead

Bernd Wolhorn - Arwed Löseke Paper finishing and Printing GmbH, Hildesheim Production Lead
"I have already participated in a number of training programs. However, I believe we can realize maximum benefit only from this training. I would even take time out of my personal vacation in order to attend this program."

Registration & Contact

Would you like to participate in the Henkel Converters' Academy in Düsseldorf? In the following, you can find our next training courses:

  • English IHK Certificate Course 2020: February 3 – 7 (week 1), March 23 – 27 (week 2)

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