Corrugated Board: Paper Converting

Formulated to application-specific criteria

Corrugated board represents an innovative solution for the packaging of various goods. Henkel corrugating adhesives are formulated to application-specific criteria in order to ensure optimal throughput, exceptional finished board quality and reduced total cost-in-use. We are offering high-grade solutions for the corrugated board industry that include a full line of additives, laminating adhesives and liquid borax.

Adhesive Solutions for Corrugated Board

Match for toughest wear and tear.

We can provide solutions for:

  • High wet tack
  • Precision gluing
  • Engineered for glue detection
  • Reliable bonding
  • Fast setting speed
  • Water resistant
  • Easy cleaning



  • Nozzle application
  • Wheel application
  • Specialties

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