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At Henkel, we put our customers and business partners at the center of what we do and intensively deal with their requirements as well as the most important questions that the industry is facing. On this page, we have gathered focal points of interest that aim at enhancing your packaging development processes. Benefit from our vast development know-how and deepen your understanding on important food safe packaging related topics.

Our guiding principle is to share our adhesive expertise with converters, packaging developers and food safety experts right from the development phase of packaging. This knowledge is beneficial as each packaging component is a highly complex field. A strong collaboration and mutual exchange on key food safety aspects is therefore essential. These may include:

  • What is the final packaging composition?
  • What kind of food is packed?
  • What are the legal requirements on food safety?
  • What are recent chemicals under discussion?

We understand our responsibility towards our customers to provide clarity and transparency on what needs to be considered in the adhesive and coating selection from a legislative standpoint, and help them to find the right solution in our food safe packaging portfolio to fulfill these requirements.

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Legislation on food safety is highly complex. While there are many laws and regulations on food in place, there is also a special food contact legislation that has been subject to constant changes and amendments. On European level, the most important regulations include:

  • Framework Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004
  • GMP Regulation (EC) No 2023/2006
  • Plastics Regulation (EU) No 10/2011

These regulations include following key topics:

  • Food contact materials
  • Intentionally added substances (IAS)
  • Non-intentionally added substances (NIAS)
  • Migration and migration testing
  • Risk assessment
  • Plastics in food contact
  • Overall migration limits (OML)
  • Specific migration limits (SML)
  • Quality control & quality assurance

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Migration, the transfer of substances from the packaging into the food and vice versa, is an essential topic with regard to packed food. All packaging materials, e.g. paperboard, printing ink or adhesive, but also the surrounding, can contribute to migration. This interaction may cause a contamination that can lead to a quality loss of the packed food, and it can even make the foodstuff inedible. To avoid such a scenario, migration should be reduced to a minimum level possible. There are a lot of ways to enhance food safety by influencing migration.

Factors influencing migration include:

  • Amount of adhesive applied
  • Amount of migratable substances
  • Structure of the package
  • Type of filled good
  • Storage temperature
  • Storage time
  • Ratio between packaging surface area and volume of filled good

Henkel possesses vast knowledge on the complex topic of migration and offers you various opportunities to broaden your expertise within this field.

If you have not found the answer to your specific question on food safe packaging yet or if you have any suggestions, then please send us a message with your question or comment. Our adhesive experts will be glad to help you.

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