Vast experience in the analysis of adhesives and raw materials

Over the years, Henkel has accumulated vast experience in the analysis of adhesives and the assessment of raw materials. This expertise helps to deepen the understanding on food safe packaging. Our aim is to share our knowledge and help you become more food safe in your packaging operations. On this page, we provide you with detailed information about Henkel’s triple safety evaluation competence, encompassing our supplier information assessment, analytical assessments and toxicological assessments.

Supplier Information Assessment

In order to ensure safety of food packaging adhesives, Henkel has implemented a strict raw material selection process for GMP compliance: the supplier questionnaire.

Among others, the questionnaire requires:

  • Specifications according to food contact criteria
  • A clear commitment of the supplier with respect to maximum concentration levels of substances of concern
  • A clear commitment of the supplier to promptly notify Henkel about any change in the provided information before the change occurs and as soon as any new information about the product is known
Analytical Assessment

Henkel’s analytical center in Düsseldorf possesses more than 100 years of experience in the analysis of adhesives. It offers diverse services on food safe packaging to customers and all business units of Henkel. The analytical center is certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and accredited according to DIN ISO 17025. In addition, it is notified as a GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) test facility and pharmaceutical test laboratory to follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. With these quality standards, we cover the most relevant analytical requests from all Henkel business sectors and related external markets, and guarantee independence in the evaluation of the test results on food safety and food packaging.

Toxicological Assessment

Analytical assessments are not always sufficient for defining if all food safety risks are eliminated. Henkel’s food safety evaluation competence also comprises toxicological assessments of raw materials and final adhesive formulations.

They can be performed in 2 ways:

  • Based on information obtained via Henkel’s supplier questionnaire
  • In case information from the supplier questionnaire is not sufficient for a complete assessment, the market unique toxicology department at Henkel steps in to ensure that safety for food applications is provided 

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