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Different chemistries used in food label applications

Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) exist with different chemistries and in different applications forms, the three big groups being solvent-based acrylics, water-based acrylics and rubber-based hotmelts. Out of those three, mainly water-based acrylics and rubber-based hotmelts are used in food label applications.

Product Portfolio - Label Adhesives

Henkel’s solutions for food safe label applications:

  • Targeted range of pressure sensitive rubber hotmelts approved for direct food contact labeling
  • The adhesive layer may be in direct contact with dry and moist, non-fatty foodstuff
  • Moreover, the adhesive layer may be in direct contact with fatty foodstuff, such as meat and cheese, provided that the ratio of contact surface of the label versus the total weight of the foodstuff does not exceed 0.4 dm²/kg

Henkel offers specific pressure sensitive hotmelts for food contact applications for use with both paper and filmic facestock materials.

  • Typical applications include labeling of fruits or meat
  • They may also be used for multi-layer labels with high grammage

To confirm that adhesives for food contact applications are safe, Henkel has the unique in-house competence of triple food safety evaluation. In case supplier information is not sufficient or a packaging application calls for special safety measures, Henkel has the possibility to involve its Scientific Services: Corporate Analytics and Toxicology.

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