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Comprehensive risk assessment approach

For food and packaging manufacturers looking for ways to ensure food safety and protect consumer health, Henkel Adhesive Technologies provides products and services to help follow legal requirements on safety of food contact materials. Henkel is known for its unique and most comprehensive approach regarding the risk assessment of adhesives, including supplier questionnaires, analytical assessments of raw materials and final products, and toxicological evaluations. This triple safety evaluation competence for food contact adhesives and coatings promises that any critical substance will stay below migration limits stated in current legislation. This is Henkel’s contribution to safe food.

Product Portfolio - Paper Converting Solutions

For paper packaging applications, Henkel offers AQUENCE Low Migration adhesives for folding boxes, bags, sacks and laminating applications that fulfil legal requirements on safety of food packaging materials ensuring:

  • No plasticizers
  • Absolute safety for you and your customers
  • High bonding performance and reliability
  • Easy and clean processing
  • Higher efficiency through low consumption

AQUENCE LM (Low Migration)
AQUENCE LM is Henkel’s first complete product range of low migration water-based adhesives for the paper converting industry, designed to allow plasticizer-free formulations. Besides its low migration characteristics, AQUENCE LM offers economic and performance benefits, while having the potential to contribute to an overall lower carbon footprint in packaging manufacturing.

  • Easier, cleaner processing
  • Equal or better bonding strength than conventional packaging adhesives
  • Significantly improved efficiency thanks to reduced adhesive usage

Discover how low migration water-based adhesives from Henkel contribute to food safe packaging and make your packages more economical at the same time.

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