Sustainable film products made from fewer resources

There is an ever-increasing demand for sustainable flexible packaging solutions, which is driven by retailers and consumers that are progressively seeking sustainable film products made with less resources. Less material consumption does not only deliver cost reductions, but also lowers the overall environmental impact. Within this context, downgauging is one of the current key topics, allowing a high product-to-package ratio and lighter weight by using thinner materials and reducing the number of layers. Recyclability, the use of bio-based materials and less energy consumption in the production of film laminates are other factors playing an important role with regard to sustainable flexible packaging.

Eco-friendly packaging solutions

According to a report by Smithers Pira, the global market for flexible packaging is forecasted to grow at an annual average rate of 3.4% during the period 2015-2020, reaching $248 billion. A key trend for flexible packaging is continued downgauging as both consumers and retailers are looking for more sustainable film products made from fewer resources. At the same time, they want to keep material performance high, which is challenging the packaging industry. Companies are increasingly realizing that besides being cost-efficient, reducing the number of layers also involves consuming significantly less material. In the broadest sense, downgauging also reduces the amount of material to dispose of.

Eco-friendly packaging solutions

For the manufacture of high-grade and lightweight flexible packaging materials, the adhesive used is a decisive factor. The required properties of modern flexible packaging can only be delivered if the film composition, the printing ink and the adhesive/coating are all well matched. With the LOCTITE LIOFOL product range for flexible packaging, Henkel anticipated the need for high-performance laminating adhesives early on. At the same time, major importance was given to sustainability, application convenience and product safety. Whatever challenge you are facing, our LOCTITE LIOFOL product range provides you with a broad and safe range of adhesive and coating solutions, e.g. functional heatseal coatings that are designed to be used for the production of peelable lids, offering easy opening without film breaks. While traditional lids for fresh food are based on a 2-ply structure, converters benefit from our innovative coating solutions not only in terms of a layer reduction of total packaging, but also from excellent anti-mist properties and a very high clarity.

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