Flexible packaging coating solutions created with consumers in mind

Consumers today have a very clear concept of which properties packaging should include. That's why all our coating solutions have one thing in common: They meet the high expectations and demands of consumers. Ultimately, the end user decides whether a product is successful or not. So, when it comes to consumer trends relating to functional design, longer shelf life, utmost food safety or increased environmental awareness – we have the right solutions!

Stand out in your market by responding to consumer packaging trends


Our comprehensive coatings portfolio enables you to meet your packaging challenges

Functional Coatings

Functional at very low coating weight, excellent performance for many different films – learn more about Henkel's functional coatings on the following pages:

Peel & Reseal

Easy opening. Lasting reclosablility. Range of extrudable hotmelt adhesives for reclosable lids satisfying the consumer’s demand for more convenient reclosable packaging solutions in the food industry:

Barrier Coatings

Transparent packaging and extended shelflife with oxygen barrier coatings. Good oxygen barrier performance even at elevated humidity levels – learn more on the following pages:

Heat Seal Coatings

Versatile solutions for peelable lids and packages for food and medical applications – learn more about Henkel's heat seal coatings on the following pages:

Overprint Varnishes

Offering protection and functionalization of outer layers for outstanding gloss or matte applications – learn more about Henkel's overprint varnishes on the following pages:

Cold Seal Coatings

The highest speed solution for sealing horizontal form, fill and seal packaging as well as for temperature-sensitive filling goods– learn more about Henkel's cold seal coatings on the following pages:


Improving adhesion of coatings and adhesives to films or foil through water based, solvent based or 100% solids primers – learn more about Henkel's primers on the following pages:

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