Growing demand for convenient food options

The food industry is driven by busy lifestyles and work-life pressures that consumers are progressively experiencing. Among others, time scarcity, stress, longer working hours and the lack of cooking skills are stimulating the demand for more convenient food options. This has led to an increased development of solutions such as single-serve, on-the-go and home-delivery packaging. In line with these trends is a growing demand for healthy and ethical food.


Single-serve packaging
There are a number of reasons why single-serve packaging is on the rise. The first one is an increasing number of single households. According to research by the US Census Bureau, the quantity of single-person households in the US went up from 26.6 million to about 34.2 million between 1999 and 2014, which represents an average annual rise of 1.7 percent. Second, the consumer habits are more and more characterized by in-between snacks due to an increasingly mobile life. Attributes such as waste reduction and freshness also play a key role in this process. Accordingly, the need for miniaturized packaging is growing while the demand for large packs is gradually diminishing. Henkel is supporting its customers in enhancing their packaging production processes to adapt to the changing consumer requirements. Henkel adhesives offer bonding flexibility such as fast running, easy processing and easy cleaning.

On-the-go & home-delivery packaging
We encounter on-the-go packaging frequently in our daily life. Usually made from carton packaging, it is used e.g. for the packaging of consumer goods within the food and beverage industry in which comfortable consumption plays an essential role. According to a recent Huhtamaki report, work is an important factor impacting on-the-go food. Almost 60% of the consumers buy it during the working week, and more than half (56%) eat it on the move or during their commute. Henkel is supporting the paper converting industry with high-grade adhesive solutions for on-the-go packaging. Henkel adhesives are used e.g. in the manufacture of bread bags or coffee cups. One of the most recent customer projects included the challenge to develop a hot-cup sleeve that protects the hands of consumers from heat as reliably as the previously used sleeve design while requiring less corrugated paper. The use of the new multifunctional Henkel packaging adhesive reduced the resources needed to produce this new paper hot-cup sleeve by 34 percent. Besides on-the-go products, Henkel is also working on home-delivery packaging solutions that have an insulating effect and offer advanced eco-friendliness with regard to recycling.

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